Kathryne Hall
The mural transforms the facade of a public library with a bold graphic shape. The bright color and simple, kinetic rhythm against the stark brick exterior softens the forbidding structure and invites engagement. Tumble mural creates a welcome interruption to the daily walk down the street.
(See video and viewer comments below.)

tumble from Kathryne Hall on Vimeo.

Kathryne Hall TUMBLE eco-friendly AFM Safecoat paint
eco-friendly AFM Safecoat paint

Tumble mural for Brooklyn Public Library, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn,NY. (Photos by Julia Cawley.)
Kathryne Hall TUMBLE

Kathryne Hall TUMBLE

Kathryne Hall TUMBLE

Kathryne Hall TUMBLE


"I've lived here three years and I just went inside the library for the first time. I was seduced by blue triangles."

"Tumble makes me feel fun, free, playful."

"Tumble makes me think of hills..."

"Tumble makes me think of a necklace... a crown... a centipede."

"Tumble makes me think of a thorny vine or a jagged edge."

"Tumble reflects the personality of the neighborhood."

"Tumble makes me feel that the library is welcoming. It makes me want to come in for a visit. And it makes me thing good things are happening in the neighborhood."

"Tumble makes me feel welcomed."

"Tumble makes me think of blue ivy creeping across the wall."

"Tumble makes me think of a melody. "

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